09.00-12.15     CAPITAL SUITE 14/15/16

Descartes   EKITA

DESCARTES Working Group (Developing Education Science and Care for Renal Transplantation in European States)

In collaboration with EKITA, a section of ESOT

Tolerance, minimization, and living donation in 2015

Part I
The race between tolerance and minimization strategies

Chairs: Julio Pascual, Barcelona, Spain
             Daniel Seron, Barcelona, Spain

The genetic determinants of acute rejection
Marc Abramowicz, Brussels, Belgium
Utility of biomarkers of tolerance in patients with immunosuppression
Daniel Seron, Barcelona, Spain
To what extent can CNI be minimized?
Klemens Budde, Berlin, Germany
Who needs anti-lymphocyte induction therapy in 2015?
Daniel Abramowicz, Brussels, Belgium
Part II
Hurdles of living-donor kidney transplantation

Chairs: Klemens Budde, Berlin, Germany
            Umberto Maggiore, Parma, Italy
What is the risk of dialysis or death after living donation?
Umberto Maggiore, Parma, Italy
The long road to living donor selection
Søren Schwartz Sørensen, Copenhagen, Denmark
The long road to recipient wait-listing
Fritz Diekmann, Berlin, Germany
Living kidney donation: future studies
Geir Mjøen, Oslo, Norway


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