09.00-12.15    CAPITAL SUITE 7/12 


IWG (Immunonephrology Working Group)

Immune mediated renal diseases: news from the ERA-EDTA IWG


Part I
Autoantibodies for diagnosis and prognosis of glomerular diseases

Chairs: Loreto Gesualdo, Bari, Italy
             Vladimir Tesar, Prague, Czech Republic

Anti-PLA2R antibodies in membranous nephropathy
Elion Hoxha, Hamburg, Germany
New and old auto antibodies in Lupus Nephritis
Vladimir Tesar, Prague, Czech Republic
ANCA in vasculitis new perspectives
Mårten Segelmark, Linköping, Sweden
Anti-complement antibodies in MPGN/C3 glomerulopathy
Marina Noris, Bergamo, Italy

Part II
Clinical endpoints for clinical trials: toward a position paper

Chairs: Yasar Caliskan, Istanbul, Turkey
             Pablo Cannata-Ortiz, Madrid, Spain

IgA Nephropathy in the young
Rosanna Coppo, Turin, Italy
IgA Nephropathy in the adult
Jürgen Floege, Aachen, Germany
Treat to target in lupus nephritis
David Jayne, Cambridge, UK
Membranous nephropathy
Jack F.M. Wetzels, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


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